Safeheat Home Improvements - Safeheathomeimprovments gave us the wrong door

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When the sales rep came out to give us a quote on our door he gave us a brochure and we pointed to the one we liked and we told him it was the oval shaped glass one that we wanted,he wrote out the contract and my fiancé signed it thinking the guy had wrote down the one we asked for like anyone would,but it turned out that he had wrote down a different door,our door came today and it was a completely different door from the one we wanted because it was my mum that was in while the door got put up we didn't know until it was up,my fiancé phoned the company and the manager said it was my fiances fault for signing the contract without checking it even though he told the guy 2 SECONDS before that it was the oval door,so now were stuck with a door we hate and there's nothing we can do about it,we urge anyone thinking of getting a door from SAFEHEAT to double check the name of the door and check what the guy rights down before you sign for anything or do the sensible thing and take your money else where.

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Safeheat home improvements ltd- terrible customer service and bad workmanship

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I recently got a new pvc front door> this cost just under £400!the workmen accidentally took my old keys away which had the fob to get into my block of flats> i called and spoke to the owner who said it was a friday night and he couldnt help me until monday.

i called him back twice(as i got cut off the first time) and said i could not get in and out of my building without the key. To cut a long story short the guy was rude, abrupt and unsympathetic and said i had "been on this phone 4 times going on and on about this". i explained again how important it was for me to get this back. i was told that it was my fault for not picking the key up,that i was being rude and that the key was probably in my house.

i asked why he was speaking to me in such an intimidating way and told him i would be putting in a complaint. i asked if he could call me on monday when he found my keys and was told "no, because you are putting in a complaint you will not be getting your keys back!". The door is now not shutting properly and as he is the owner of the company there is no point in asking for his help as i will probably be told that this is my fault also!! Rude,arrogant,intimidating little man, poor standards,bad workmanship and revolting customer service.

i urge anyone needing a new door etc to steer well clear of this mickey mouse company.Safe-heat home improvements ltd certainly didnt make me feel very safe!!!!

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